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Friends of Pacific Beach Secondary Schools (FOPBSS)* is a joint Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation for both Pacific Beach Middle School (PBMS) and Mission Bay High School (MBHS). The FOPBSS Board of Directors consists of teachers, principals, and parents from both schools.

The mission of FOPBSS is to foster an environment of excellence in education and student activities for Mission Bay High School and Pacific Beach Middle School.

FOPBSS’s goal is to assist the school in the following ways:

  • raise money for projects, programs and teacher grants,
  • coordinate enrichment programs for all students**,
  • provide parent volunteers,
  • help facilitate good communications and plan events that encourage families to be connected as a school community.

The FOPBSS/ PTO will communicate with you in a number of ways through the school year:

  • School newsletters,
  • Email communications,
  • School Informational Marquees,
  • School websites (MBHS, PBMS),
  • Beach & Bay Press school news,
  • Flyers via your student.

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* FOPBSS is also known by the IRS as “Mission Bay High School Community Foundation” which was our first filing name as a non-profit organization prior to becoming FOPBSS in 2004. The IRS recognizes both organizations as one-in-the-same with the same tax id number.

** All students who participate in events sponsored or organized by FOPBSS are required to adhere to the district’s and schools’ code of conduct. Students who do not meet this requirement, as determined by their school, may not be eligible to attend or participate in FOPBSS or FOPBSS-sponsored events.

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