Mission Bay High School Field Update

Mission Bay High School Field Update per meeting Lee Dulgeroff, SDUSD Executive Director, Facilities Planning and Construction on April 18, 2012

MBHS field construction challenges:

  • The MBHS field is not optimally oriented on site or configured.
  • The orientation of the field needs to be changed to include a CIF track.
  • The city work on the new pedestrian bridge across Rose Creek added drainage problems.
  • The MBHS field is not level and slopes 1′. It needs to be leveled for drainage.
  • The idea to do the field first and install the bleachers at a later date became impossible due to having move the field from its original location. The bleachers have to be demolished.

The new MBHS field will be designed for multi use with all sports to include:

  • Premium “Field Turf”
  • Lights
  • Restrooms
  • Concessions
  • Storage
  • Bathrooms
  • Concessions for the boys baseball field and ADA upgrades
  • New softball field with concessions

Many of the fields constructed prior to Prop. S using local foundation donations funds had lower grade turf. The MBHS field project is a comprehensive project “done right” that includes all facilities and the highest grade turf.


  • SDUSD just issued a notice to proceed to Byrom Davey, Inc. (Construction Company) for the track portion of the field. This should take four months. Architects are working on the project simultaneously.
  • The finished design is then given to the Division of State Architects. The DSA takes about 4 months to approve maybe longer as it is a state agency subject to delays.
  • Once approved by the DSA, the start time could feasibly be as early as February 2013 for the field portion pending funding. It is anticipated, however, some level of work will begin in February 2013. The track, field and bleachers will take about 4-5 months to complete. Concessions will be constructed the field is done. The entire length of the project from start to finish is about 13 months
  • The synthetic turf softball field will start construction a few months after the field is started and should take about 4 months to complete. There are pending environmental bird nesting issues with the softball field that are currently being studied.
  • Having MBHS “shovel ready” by February 2013 is as fast as this project can go.
  • This timeline is subject to unforeseen conditions that may be encountered beyond the District’s control. For example the DSA review time is subject to the DSA workload at the time of project submittal.
  • The start of construction is subject to the availability of Prop. S funds.


  • The cost of the MBHS football stadium, track, football, softball and baseball field improvement project is $8-10 million.
  • Funding from the sale of Prop S bonds has been reduced due to the stagnant property assessed values. Funds have not been generated as expected due to the unprecedented economic turn and the depreciation of real estate. Consequently, Prop S bond sales were delayed for nine months. High schools are a priority. If there is a bond sale in August 2013 MBHS field will be funded in September 2013.
  • There is a possibility the Board of Education will put a subsequent bond measure on the November ballot to address school facilities needs including Mission Bay High.

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