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Welcome To FOPBSS

Friends of Pacific Beach Secondary Schools (FOPBSS) is a joint Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation for both Pacific Beach Middle School and Mission Bay High School. (Non-profit ID #33-0305920) The FOPBSS Board of Directors consists of teachers, principals and parents from both schools.

The mission of FOPBSS is to foster an environment of excellence in education and student activities for Mission Bay High School and Pacific Beach Middle School.

School Websites MBHS & PBMS

FOPBSS Meetings 2014-15

Meetings are generally the 4th Wednesday of the month and alternate between the PB Middle School Media Center and the MBHS Library. Please join us!

8/27/2014 @ PB Middle
9/24/2014 @ MB High
10/22/2014 @ PB Middle
12/3/2014 @ MB High
1/28/2015 @ PB Middle
2/25/2015 @ MB High
3/25/2015 @ PB Middle
4/22/2015 @ MB High
5/27/2015 @ home of Kim Schoettle

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