FOPBSS Officers & Directors


Directors (Note: All directors vote)
Position Person Term Ending
President Andee Hales 2017
 (votes as a Chair) Faydra Pelot 2017
Vice President
MBHS Elkie Wills 2017
PBMS Michelle Kane 2018
Treasurer Lily Higman 2018
Secretary Carolyn Willis-Snead 2017
MBHS Principal Ernie Remillard Ongoing
PBMS Principal Kimberly Meng Ongoing
Contributions Directors
Larissa Slomba 2018
Mel Sandler 2018
Public Relations Director Kathy Miller 2017
Ways & Means/Grants Dianne Wells 2018
Teacher Reps
MBHS Jorge Palacios 2017
PBMS Don Wood 2017
6 Voting Chairs: Dawna Deatrick, Bonnie Franklin, Marie Kracha,  Faydra Pelot, Mary Savoia, Eliza Tolley
Chairmanship Positions
Position Person
Email Coordinators
MBHS Ellen Sawyer
PBMS Camby Kaltsas
Family Nights Marie Kracha
Mary Savoia
Campus Clean-Up
PBMS Don Wood
Staff Kick-off Breakfast and/or Lunch
PBMS Michelle Kane
Eliza Tolley
MBHS Elkie Wills
Back to School Night/Open House Dinner
PBMS Neal Muckler
MBHS Cori Meara
Teacher Appreciation Week
PBMS Kris Stone
MBHS Gloria Reyna
Holiday Trays
PBMS Michelle Kane
Kris Stone
MBHS Gloria Reyna
Scrip Gift Cards Dawna Deatrick
BeachFest Dawna Deatrick
Ellen Sawyer
PBMS Promotion/Awards Bonnie Franklin
Becca Horowitz
MBHS Awards Nights Dawna Deatrick
FOPBSS Website Admins Anthony Savoia
Mary Savoia
Missoula Children’s Theatre Laura Daly
Taste of North PB Marie Kracha
Mary Savoia
School Yard Dash 5K Melisa Grigolite
KariLyn Merlos
PBMS Book Fair Erin Vindiola
Erin Fitzpatrick